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This is a classroom introduction to mindfulness. At the most basic level, .b aims simply to be an awareness raising exercise that gives all young people a taste of mindfulness, so that they know about it and thus can return to it later in life, learning more about it when this is useful to them.

The fundamental aims are:

* For all young people to know about mindfulness

* For most to enjoy it

* For many to use it now and again

* And some to practice daily

* For as many as possible to remember it!


.b is not adult mindfulness

.b is not therapy

.b is not Buddhism

.b is not yoga

.b is not visualisation

.b is not relaxation

For some young people, this course might be a lifechanging experience, but not for all, so at a superficial level it is about enjoying themselves.

If mindfulness is made relevant to their lives now, they will often engage with it and use it almost immediately. For some young people Mindfulness can help to achieve their goals, such as focus in class, higher performance in sport or getting on with others. For others, mindfulness can become a lifeline to help them deal with present difficulties, such as coping with exam pressure and other causes of anxiety and stress.


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