The testimonials that follow have been written by a group of trainee teachers at Portsmouth University who have attended the 10 week .b course that I ran…

As a person who gets lost in her thoughts too often, I can say that Fran’s mindfulness course changed my life for the better. The lessons were informative, fun and packed with excercises you can easily include in your daily life. I knew little about mindfulness and I was surprised to discover how simple it is to make it a part of your routine. The techniques I learnt not only have helped me get out of my mind when my train of thought becomes too negative, but also have enabled me to enjoy my daily life more. Being mindful and grounded in the present moment makes you see everything under a new light, and something as mundane as the daily walk from home to work becomes an experience full of wonder.” “I found attending Fran’s Mindfulness course extremely helpful.  I had not realised how much my mind was ‘racing’ and it seemed, on reflection, that a lot of it was me simply giving myself things to worry about.  I came away from the sessions feeling quite refreshed but more alert and ‘in tune’ with myself.”

“Thank you for the sessions, these were really valuable to help me throughout my PGCE year, get relaxed before getting a job, and mostly helped me to work on balancing work/university and home.”

 “Very good and useful sessions! Would highly recommend to everyone.”

 “Session was lead wonderfully.  Very nice lady.”

“It has been an extremely rewarding and interesting group of sessions which I can reflect on my own behaviour and also future students.”

“A fabulous way to finish the day and learn to relax.”

“A massive thank you for this course that has been very helpful for me.  Your kindness and approach was very relaxing.”

“Thank you so much for your lessons, they’ve really made a positive impact in my daily life.”

“A big thank you to Fran for teaching all those lovely methods, which were very useful, especially with the PGCE course! I am going to re-use some of these techniques for myself and I wish I can implement some with pupils in the future.”

“Thank you.  You have been an amazing teacher and support.  You have provided great meditations and insight into many issues we face as trainees.”

Thank you for everything! I have really enjoyed the course.  It is really positive and helpful and I have loved our sessions.

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